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Marie writes,

Our story begins as Liliana and I are on one of our many walks along Walnut hill- no walnuts, not much of a hill, but there’s a stretch where as we walk, ideas and discussion and inspiration begin to flow. This project was conceived and nurtured on Walnut Hill in Natick, Massachusetts.

Our evolution as artists has taken remarkably similar paths. My background is in science; my work as a medical photographer in a past life focused my attention on the  pattern and beauty of nature at a microscopic level. Historically, photography was a recording mechanism before it was considered an art form; as a technique it was precise, and required an understanding of physics and chemistry.

Lilana’s background is academic as well. She’s working in a medium that is similarly technical. What fascinates me, as an observer of lampwork glass, is the enigma of the glass itself- solid liquid bends light creates color- and the skill and discipline needed to wield the fire that molds and melds it. Those smooth, glowing playful designs are the product of thorough understanding of the complexities of the material and a mastery of precise technique.

We’re all rooted in the natural world; it’s wallpaper in our lives. But once in a while something catches our attention and brings our surroundings into focus. Liliana’s beads- luminous, organic, playful- make me look with fresh eyes at the world around me. Her inspiration clearly comes from an admiration and exploration of the forms and colors of the natural world. Her work triggers recognition of those patterns in my world. My photographs are an attempt to show with pictures where her interpretation of nature has taken my imagination.

At first I thought simply that her beads were a manifestation of nature and I was returning them to their natural environment photographically- coming full circle. But it goes beyond that. I don’t always put them back where she found them- the relationship is more of a spiral than a circle. Liliana draws from her experience of the natural world. I see her work, and take the idea to a different place.

Now it’s your turn- hold up the image that I see, and let your experience in the natural world spark a connection of your own.


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